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Civil War Reenactment

Upshur County Patriots does not require, but supports, anyone who is interested in Reenactment. Reenacting is the accurate portrayal of soldiers during the American Civil War.

From a historical perspective, the men will portray the Confederate Soldiers from 1861 - 1865, particularly the soldiers of the Army of Tennessee. The soldiers will participate in dedications, memorial services, living history programs, parades, reenactments and other events in which the members wish to participate.

The following is recommended for anyone interested in reenacting: How to get started in Reenacting

This short (less than 10 minutes) film - Civil War Re-Enactors: Echoes of Distant Thunder is an award winning documentary short about the men and women who participate in the hobby of Civil War reenacting. Shot at a Civil War reenactment at the Will Rogers Birthplace near Oologah, Oklahoma. Great video for teachers, history buffs, students.

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