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Iron Cross

The idea of bestowing the Southern Cross of Honor to veterans of the American Civil War was conceived in Atlanta in July 1898 by Mrs. Alexander S. (Mary Ann Lamar Cobb) Erwin of Athens, GA, at a reunion of Confederate veterans. Mrs. Erwin and Mrs. Sarah E. Gabbett of Atlanta are credited with the design of the medal: a Maltese cross with a wreath of laurel surrounding the words "Deo Vindice (God our Vindicator) 1861-1865" and the inscription, "Southern Cross of Honor" on the face. On the reverse side is a Confederate battle flag surrounded by a laurel wreath and the words "United Daughters of the Confederacy to the UCV [United Confederate Veterans]".

The Southern Cross of Honor is also used as a symbol on the graves of Confederate Veterans who served honorably. It can take different forms which can sometimes both be seen on a soldier's grave. One form is a two-sided, cast iron replica of the medal. This cross stands atop a metal rod placed into the ground at the veteran's grave. It is sometimes referred to as the "Iron Cross of Honor" or "SCV Iron Cross." The cross is typically placed on Confederate graves by local chapters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans or by family members or interested parties related to the Confederate Veteran. The grave of any Confederate Veteran who served honorably is eligible for placement of this symbol.

If you know of a Confederate veteran's grave that is not already marked, and if you are interested in sponsoring an SCV Grave Marker, please contact us and we can provide you with additional information.

A list of graves marked by SCV Camp #2109 members.
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Photo Veteran Location
Sergeant Thomas Payne Aills Sergeant Aills, Thomas Payne Soules Chapel Cemetery, Upshur County, TX
Private Woddie Smallood Allison Private Allison, Woddie Smallwood Brown Cemetery, Miller County, AR
Private George Washington Boozer Private Boozer, George Washington Concord Cemetery, Morris County, TX
Private Albert Galletin Brown Private Brown, Albert Galletin Concord Cemetery, Morris County, TX
Sergeant Warren J. Fenel Sergeant Fenel, Warren J. Soules Chapel Cemetery, Upshur County, TX
Private John Idom Private Idom. John Brown Cemetery, Miller County, AR
Private William Thomas Linton Private Linton, William Thomas Martin Cemetery, Rusk County, TX
Private John Martin Pricer Private Pricer, John Martin Little River-Wilson Vallry, Bell County, TX
1st Lieutenant David Richard Reynolds 1st Lieutenant Reynolds, David Richard Concord Cemetery, Morris County, TX
Private Franis Marion Scott Private Scott, Francis Marion Scottsville Cemetery, Harrison County, TX