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John Martin Pricer
Company C, 21st Regiment of the Georgia Infantry

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Although no definite evidence has been found, John Martin Pricer according to later census records reports his birth place as South Carolina circa 1843. Oral family history indicates that his parents died while he was young and he was placed with another family. It is unknown if that family was other relatives, friends or someone looking for an added hand. He is reported to have left the family due to discord and moved to Georgia.

Shortly after the outset of the War of Northern Aggression, John Martin Pricer enlisted as a Private in Company C, 21st Regiment of the Georgia Infantry. There are varying reports as to whether the enlistment occurred in Rome or Atlanta, however they are in close proximity.

The 21st Regiment participated in over 50 engagements including the Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Chancellorsville, and most notably, for our family, The Battle of Cedar Creek and Belle Grove. At the Battle of Cedar Creek, John Martin Pricer was struck in the hand and wrist by a cannon ball on Oct 19, 1864. He was subsequently captured and taken to a field hospital where his hand, wrist, and lower arm were amputated. John Martin Pricer was later transferred to Point Lookout for exchange.

After the end of the war, he returned to Georgia, where he married Martha Eleanor Gallman. He began farming, one armed mind you, and started a family. Some of their children were born in Georgia, prior to moving to Alabama. More children were born in Alabama, yet they moved again. This time to Texas in 1893. Reconstruction issues were not so severe in Texas and they settled in Bell County. Here John Martin Pricer continued farming until his death on September 25, 1915.

John Martin Pricer is buried in the Wilson Valley Cemetery in Little River, Texas outside of Temple. His wife, Martha, lived with a daughter in Travis County until her death in 1931. She was transported back to Temple and buried next to her husband.